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Pool Builders Sacramento Area

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Swimming Pool Cost Sacramento

How Much Does A Pool Cost?

The cost of a pool will depend on the size, type, materials used, construction costs, and any additional features you may want. Generally speaking, an in-ground pool typically costs between $20,000 to $50,000 or more depending on the size and customization. Above-ground pools can range from around $3,500 to upwards of $10,000. Ultimately your final price tag will depend on your desired features and budget. When budgeting for a pool, consider the cost of maintenance and any additional safety features like fencing or alarms. It is also important to factor in costs for regular professional maintenance throughout the life of your pool. Having an experienced contractor inspect your property and provide you with accurate estimates can help ensure that you stay within your budget. With careful planning and an experienced contractor, you can enjoy a quality pool in your backyard without breaking the bank.

Pool Builders Sacramento Area

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Pool?

The cost to maintain a pool depends on the size, location, and type of pool. Generally speaking, standard maintenance will range from $100-$300 per month depending on these factors. Additional costs such as chemicals or repairs can also add to the overall costs of maintaining a pool. Additionally, it is recommended that professional inspections and cleaning take place at least once every two weeks or monthly to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. This will help reduce the overall cost of maintenance in the long run. Ultimately, making sure that your pool is properly taken care of can save you a significant amount of money in the long run and ensure that your pool remains safe and enjoyable for years to come.

Pool Installers Sacramento Ca

How To Keep Pool Water Clear?

The cost to maintain a pool on an annual basis can range from $200-$400 per year for regular chemical treatments, depending on the size and type of pool. If a pool is left untreated and neglected, this cost could easily double. Other costs may include replacing parts such as pumps or filters and extra services like cleaning and balancing chemicals. Additionally, there may be costs associated with purchasing new supplies such as nets and brushes, testing kits, or chlorine tablets. In general, it is recommended to budget at least $300 annually for the basic maintenance of your pool.  If you want to ensure that your pool is well taken care of, it may be best to invest in a more comprehensive maintenance plan. This could cost anywhere from $600-$1,000 per year and include services like a weekly cleaning and chemical balancing along with repairs or replacements when needed. Ultimately the cost to maintain a pool will depend on its size, the type of maintenance required, and any additional services you choose to include. It is important to consider all these factors before making a decision on what is best for your pool.  With proper care and maintenance, your pool will remain in great condition for many years to come!

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Top 10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Pool Contractor

When building a pool, you wish to hire a company that will do an excellent job within the stipulated time without causing you any stress. You always need to check various aspects of a contractor to avoid shoddy work and encountering a stressful ordeal. You do not want to sign a fraud contract or have your project delayed for various reasons and have your backyard unusable. Although they do not often occur, these reasons can scare anyone from building a pool.

However, here is a guide on the top ten avoidable mistakes homeowners make when hiring a pool builder...

1)) Failure To Do Thorough Research On Pool Contractors

You can encounter some problems even with an experienced and trustworthy pool builder. While researching a pool can consume time, failure to do so can lead to future problems. You need to track down pool contractors, check their references, and compare estimates and offers among other vital aspects of pool builders. See the contractor’s achievement on projects similar to yours. Finding the right pool company makes the process much easier and is worth the effort.

2)) Micromanaging

Once you hire a reputable contractor, avoid looking over their shoulder while they carry out their job. However, do not shy from asking questions, particularly when you have concerns about the proceedings of the work. Avoid nitpicking as much as you can as this will only stress you and strain your relationship with your contractor.

3)) Failing To Read The Fine Print

Reading the fine print is boring, but it is important that you know and understands some fine print. Always read the contract before signing it. Understand what the contract stipulates about payment and payment schedules. It is evident that you will purchase some products for the pool. Always read the warranties that come with all the products you are considering for the pool.

4)) Bargain Hunting

You need to stick to your budget and avoid shortcuts. It is very tempting to go for the lowest bid. The important thing is to understand what value you are getting for the cost. Check that the value matches the workmanship, materials used, and warranty. Hiring the cheapest contractor and settling for substandard material will cost you more money in the long term. Have a realistic approach and build the best quality pool you can afford.

5)) Settling For Oral Agreements

One of the common mistakes property owners make when hiring pool builders is failing to get everything in writing. The contract should entail every aspect of the pool building including a detailed description of the project, plans, scope of work, materials, quantities, payment schedules, and the estimated commencement and completion dates for the projects. A contractor might explain all these aspects but ensure you have them in writing. Ensure you get a written warranty that clearly spells out what it covers, what it does not cover, and how long the warranty covers the project. The written document should also specify the handling of changes in the work plan and the protocol for cancellation if necessary.

6)) Signing A Contract Without Fully Comprehending Its Contents

First, you need to know there is no dumb question and that all your queries are valid. If anything is unclear in the contract, consult and have the contractor explain all your concerns before proceeding with the project. Lack of clarity may arise from insufficient details or your misunderstanding of the terms of the contract. Either way, it is okay to ask. You would rather understand now than in the future when it may incur additional costs or when it results in change orders.

7)) Large Down Payment

The law stipulates the amount of money a contractor can ask for before commencing a project. A contractor that asks for a large down payment may lack sufficient money for overheads or cost of materials. With contractual work, this is not a good indication.

8)) Lack Of Clarity In Your Targets

You need to spell out clearly what you want to achieve in your project. Let your contractor understand how you want the pool to appear on completion. Specify the material and the mode of installations you have in mind even during the project. Be very specific about how you want your pool to appear. Making changes might result in a change order, which increases the cost of your pool. However, this is better than having something you do not desire.

9)) Failure To Check For Proper Documentation

You should check several documents before hiring a contractor. The first thing is to check the contractor’s license status. Confirm that the contractor has all the necessary insurance including worker’s compensation coverage and general liability insurance. A reputable pool company will have a permanent physical address and a published phone number.

10)) Failure To Request A Waiver Of Lien

Contractors and subcontractors have a legal right to file a lien against your property whenever you fail to fulfill the agreed payments. This can incur legal issues if you pay the pool builder and he or she fails to pay the subcontractor. The contractors can file a lien on the property you own and demand payment. When you obtain a waiver of lien from the contractor and the subcontractors, you protect yourself against this problem.


Hiring a pool contractor is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. By taking the time to research, compare prices, and ask questions before signing any contracts can help ensure you have chosen the right person for the job. Additionally, asking for references from past clients or viewing their work in person will also provide invaluable insight into whether they are a good fit for your project. Keeping these tips in mind when hiring a pool contractor can ultimately save you both time and money while helping you get exactly what you want out of your new backyard oasis!

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